Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions by our new clients. We’ve listed them here with our answers to assist you in a better understanding of our Firm’s work. You may have other questions. If so, please contact us by email by going to our “Contact Us” page.

“What types of investigation does Robert Cirtin Investigations provide?”

Robert Cirtin Investigations is a general practice firm of private investigators that is well equipped to provide any type of investigation you require.  In our 20 years of private, confidential investigations, we have provided virtually every type of investigation.  If you are in need of a private, confidential investigation to resolve personal or business issues you face, our broad knowledge and experience in conducting hundreds of investigations of every kind and purpose will serve you well.  Our experience and our continuing work for many of our clients assures you that we have the abilities to correctly and competently assist you in the timely manner you need.  Please see the list of services for a full description.

“Why do I need to hire an investigator?”

To pursue the truth! Something strange or unexplainable may have occurred in your business, or you may be suspicious of a relationship, or someone may be violating the trust placed in him or her. You must know the absolute, unvarnished truth about what occurred in order to take action to resolve it. Many businesses hire us because they understand the benefits of unquestioned veracity by having a disinterested, third party look into the matter in question. Private individuals hire us to sort out personal family situations that adversely affect their lives such as relationship infidelity, child custody issues, spouse and child abuse cases, family or parent-child relationships, most of which will be well-documented and verified by our impeccable surveillance and immediate reporting abilities. Attorneys hire us to investigate a variety of matters including many of the reasons we conduct investigations for individuals, but in which the cases have a critical legal component. Whatever your concern, we discover the facts and reveal the truth about any matter.

“Why should I hire Robert Cirtin Investigations rather than another investigation company?”

While there are good investigation companies, very few can match Robert Cirtin Investigations for the most thorough and accurate investigations possible. We commit to the highest degree of confidentiality and integrity. Our credentials and memberships in professional associations assure you of our reputation for ethical conduct and best practices. We are very proud of our reputation for accuracy and speed in finalizing complete investigative reports ot our clients. Robert Cirtin Investigations’ success has been built on the satisfaction of our clients. We are pleased to note that our new clients primarily come to us by way of referrals by our existing satisfied clients.

“What are your fees for conducting an investigation?”

Our fees for investigative work vary depending on the type of investigation needed by the client. If travel outside the Springfield metroplitan area is required, our time spent during such travel will be billed at a reduced rate. An investigation requiring overnight travel, entailing expenses such as hotel and food will be billed to the client at the actual cost. Please know that we make every attempt to ensure these expenses are kept to a minimum.

“Will anyone ever find out that I hired you?”

The cornerstone of our business is confidentiality and integrity. Strict confidentiality will be maintained and we will never divulge any information we have derived in research and investigation, including your name or any indentifying references, to anyone for any reason without your specific consent to the reason and your specific approval of exactly what is to be released.

“How soon can you begin my investigation?”

Although there are always several investigations in progress, we can generally begin an investigation when you need it. Immediacy is of the essence in most investigative efforts. Our reputation for quickly and accurately satisfying our client’s needs is a valued asset to Robert Cirtin Investigations. Be assured that we will do everything possible to meet the timely needs of your investigation.

“What will I receive when the investigation is completed?”

You will receive a thorough and professional written report that can be used for your personal purposes or used in a court of law. If the investigation included surveillance, in addition to a written report, you will recieve a copy of the video on DVD. No one will receive a copy of the report except you, and/or those you authorize to receive the report, such as your attorney, and only with your explicit approval.

“How much does a background investigation cost?”

Our investigative costs depend on the extent of the background investigation you require or request, which may include a variety of facets. For example, if the subject of the investigation has only lived in one state for their adult life, just one statewide criminal check is necessary. If the person has lived in multiple states, then criminal checks must be done in each state, and so will increase the cost due the multiple state checks. There is no such thing as a national criminal background check. Some companies claim that they provide them. We advise caution if an investigator tells you this can be done. most commonly, a thorough background investigation will cost from $200.00 to $400.00. If a criminal check is your only need, then that will range from $20.00 to $80.00 depending on the state in which the check must be done. We work closely with you to assure we are providing exactly what you need; no more and no less. We will gladly furnish an estimate of our fees and expenses from the particulars of your situation and the needs you describe during our first consultation.

“How long does an investigation take to complete?”

Each case is different, so no two investigations are exactly alike. Therefore, it is difficult to offer an approximate timeline and projected completion date here. The subject of each investigation may be similar to many we have performed, but may differ in the number of aspects of investigation that are required to fulfill the need for a satisfactory investigation. Once we understand the parameters of your situation, usually at our first consultation, we are quite willing to offer you an estimated time requirement.

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