Why Should You Choose Robert Cirtin Investigations?

At Robert Cirtin Investigations, we are more aware than most that difficult situations can arise at any second that may require the services of a private investigator. That remains true whether the situation is personal or it relates to your business and its employees.

It is essential, when these kinds of situations arise, that you have accurate, reliable and trustworthy information to help guide your next steps. You need to be sure that the private investigation firm that you select has the skills and expertise necessary to provide you with the information you need. Our history of conducting comprehensive, confidential and professional investigations separates us from the rest.

Robert Cirtin Investigations was founded by Robert Cirtin in 1991. Before that, he began his career as a police officer in Springfield and Columbia, Missouri. This led him to accept a position as the chief investigator for Missouri’s division of professional registration. After that, he became the director of investigations for the Missouri State Board of Accountancy.

As he gathered experience in these roles, he began to develop an interest and expertise in the methods and tactics necessary to conduct an effective investigation. This led him to create his own firm.

As the demand for his services grew, he knew he had no choice but to add new members to his team, thus growing into a firm of private investigators and detectives that hold themselves to the highest standards. Now the firm operates in Springfield as well as the entire state of Missouri, with expertise in the following:

Being members of the Springfield and Branson Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, you can be sure that we are an established and trustworthy firm who you can trust with your investigative needs.

Robert Cirtin Investigations provides confidential consultation services to assure that solutions to your situation are well understood and correctly applied.

Without the objective and rigorous analysis and scrutiny that we can furnish, raw information without an objective and precise purpose is worthless. It must be tempered with judgment and knowledge so it is an unquestionably reliable tool for resolving your situation.
We organize and prioritize our findings so you can confidently pursue solutions to your situation in a manner that will resolve your matter most effectively.

A lifetime in judicial work and law enforcement makes Robert Cirtin Investigations uncommonly well qualified to assist you, your company or your organization.

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